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Airport Recreation Club is a club with its own mandates to organize and conduct sports and leisure activities for the staff of MACL and in general to all staff of Velana International Airport. Located at the North west side of the island the club house gives the best for all.

The following activities are always available at the club house for all the staff and everyone who uses the Velana International Airport. The club is operated from morning 8:30 till 10:30 evening on weekdays. On weekends the club house will be open for all staff from 2:30 pm until 10:30pm

  1. Gymnasium: Airport recreation club has a fully functional GYM. With the lowest rates the Gymnasium is fully equipped.
  2. Billiards: with a three billiard tables, staff can now enjoy their free time on playing billiards.
  3. Cyber Cafe': The Company does not support the staff to be on social network during office hours. So it will be a good idea for staff to enjoy their social networking through the clubs cyber cafe' on break times & after duties.
  4. Other activities: Apart from these charged activities, now you can use our news stand & TV for information, and local & international updates. Also we have Carom, Dart, Galando, Chess & many more activities you can enjoy without any charges.

The Airport Recreation Club plays a very important role in bringing all staff together. The inter unit sports activities & the Airport Anniversary sports activities will bring all section & other companies sharing our airport together. A very close friendship is built within these parties and makes it easier to achieve our goal to develop our Airport.

  1. Inter Unit tournaments: These tournaments are held through-out the year for Departments, Sections & other functions within the company. Inter unit Futsal, Cricket & Volleyball are some of the widest inter unit tournament we organize.
  2. Airport Anniversary Sports Activities: These activities are mainly open to all the companies, parties working at the airport. Over 7 to 8 activities are organized to mark the anniversary of the Velana International Airport. Futsal, Volleyball, Cricket, Netball, basketball & some of the board games are famous among staff. Recently introduced our cultural games like “Dodgeball” & “Thinmugoali” has also become as an activity which teams look forward to compete.
  3. Inter office/Company tournaments: Our Company has outstanding players in almost all area of sports. We give this opportunity to those staff to bring good names to the company. Airport Recreation Club has participated in Inter Office/Company tournaments and has record breaking results on these tournaments. “Club Maldives Futsal Challenge” organized by a Club Maldives, “Inter Office Basketball tournament” organized by Maldives Basketball Association and “Inter Company Cricket tournaments” organized by Cricket board of Maldives are some of the tournaments the airport team has shown their outstanding performance.Apart from this, Inter office netball and volleyball tournaments also have brought good names to the company.

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Airport Recreation Club has been and will always be a club for all staff. We had achieved and worked towards success with the effort of our voluntary staff. These staff attends to their duties and gives their own time to work with us and nothing returns.
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We know that there are so many among you who wish to be a part of us. We welcome you to give your ideas & suggestion. Without your contribution we would never be success.
For any clarification or suggestion please contact any of the following personnel.

  1. Ibrahim Riyaz

Manager, HR (ARC)
Office: 3325511 (Ext: 7860)
Fax: 3328126
Mobile: 7903879

    2. Abdul Hayyu

Executive, HR (ARC)
Office: 3325511 (Ext: 7007)
Fax: 3328126
Mobile: 7782843