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The Lounges at Velana International Airport has been redeveloped to meet the modern day needs. The total transformation of lounges in terms of its in infra-structure and services has made the lounges stand out in its offerings. The lounges are now operated by Maldives Airports Company Ltd which is also the operator of Velana International airport.

Maamahi Executive Lounge

On arrival and departure from Maldives, after or before long hours of flying there is now a place where you can relax comfortably while the formalities are completed for you. Our CIP services have been created for those who yearn for the perfect luxury service. The Maamahi Executive Lounge, with a seating capacity of 75 is a well-designed lounge blended with modern amenities to create a relaxing and soothing environment to offer you the perfect place for your comfort.


• Receive CIPs when disembarking from the aircraft at the steps/Stairs: Our staff will meet the passengers at the first exit Step/Stairs with passengers preferred name on the welcome name board. In case passengers disembark from steps other than first and if you do not see our staff, please look for the first steps/stairs or, please call us immediately at the hotline (+960 7923480 or +960 3313256) for any assistance.

Note: In case of bad weather, our staff will meet the passenger at the arrival gate with the name board.

• Escort to CIP lounge by CIP vehicle: If the aircraft is parked far from the CIP terminal, all passengers who have booked CIP services will be escorted to the lounge directly in a separate vehicle. A convenient shared vehicle will be provided in case more than one party has booked CIP service for same flight.
• Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance.
• Clear CIPs baggage at belt and deliver to designated sea/land transport after passenger verification of baggage.
• Baggage storage.
• Escort CIPs to their designated transport.
• Free Refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, snacks, hot food etc...).
• Free Wi-Fi.


• Receive CIPs from the jetty and escort to CIP lounge: If you are coming to the Airport by speed boat and wish our staff to meet the passenger at the jetty to escort directly to the lounge, please inform us the time passengers will reach the airport and jetty number or location in advance.

• Receive baggage and process for check-in.
• Handle Check-in formalities.
• Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance.
• Escort to aircraft by CIP vehicle, if the aircraft is parked far from the CIP Lounge: Direct boarding from the lounge by CIP vehicle. A convenient shared vehicle will be provided in case more than one party booked CIP service for same flight.
• First Aid Service & Emergencies (ambulance, wheelchair, and stretcher): All the First Aid charges will be compensated by the passenger.
• Aircraft security, on request (will be charged separately).
• Baggage storage.
• Free Refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, snacks, hot food etc...).
• Free Wi-Fi.
• Mini Duty free shop in the lounge: Passenger can go to the main Duty free shops after check-in process and immigration clearances, accompanied with our staff, if there is reasonable time between standard flights boarding time and Immigration clearance.

Note: Immigration clearance for the airline Pilot, Co-pilot or crew is not available in Maamahi Executive Lounge.

• Free Wi-Fi.
How to Book?
Submit the completed CIP Service Application Form, (available for download from our website, at least 04 hours prior to flight Arrival/Departure time, between 0630am to 1125pm every day to the reception counter of Maamahi Executive Lounge or by fax to + (960) 3331640 or by e-mail to
The charges for CIP service is USD202.84 for every passenger above two years of age for every three hours and is subject to an additional 6% GST (tax) per passenger. Payment has to be fully settled at least TWO hours prior to the flight arrival/departure time in order to confirm CIP services. Payment could be settled either by direct cash, company cheque or by credit card of any of the travelling passenger on arrival to the lounge.
Full name of all travelling passengers, passport number, nationality, contact details and authorized signature of service applicant and flight details shall be mentioned on the application form. Failure to do so may result in denial of booking.

Note: We would not be able to guarantee airline seats. If the travelling passengers require any specific seat, they should book the seat online or pre-reserve it while booking the ticket.

For further confirmation or if you have any query please call + (960) 3313256 or e-mail us at


Leeli Lounge

Leeli Lounge is located at the International Departure Terminal 1st Floor around Duty Free Area. The seat capacity is 150 and has a dedicated 1st Class Lounge area for premium passengers. Operations time - 06:30 - till last flight departure for the day.

Facilities in Lounge :
• FIS (Real-Time Flight Information System)
• Newspapers/magazine
• Television
• Soft drinks
• Hot food and cold food
• Telephone access
• Fax services
• Wi-Fi access
• Hard-wired internet access
• Access to disabled passengers
Front Desk - 3314521 and Fax - direct line - 3314246